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We help business owners and individuals over 50 live a life of adventure and
retire without financial stress.

What we do

At Lumos Financial we’re here to answer the really important questions you may have around your retirement and your financial future. We’ll solve these by working with you to create a financial plan that will show you a clear way forward, enabling you to live with purpose and peace of mind.  

The really
important questions

We’ve found that most of our clients initially want to understand their pensions and investments in more detail, or how to better invest their savings. Deeper exploration, however, uncovers more personal and potentially life-changing questions. 

Will I run out of money in retirement?
When can I afford to stop working?
Can I pass on my wealth to my children without paying too much tax?
Do I have enough to live my desired lifestyle?
Are my loved ones going to be taken care of when I die?

Who we help

We work mainly with business owners and individuals over 50 but with anyone who is focused on building their wealth so that they can retire without worrying about money.     

Our clients tend to be based around North West London and Hertfordshire, although now that we offer meetings virtually, location need not be a barrier if you are from further away.   

Business Owners

We appreciate that trying to juggle the personal and business side of wealth can be challenging and often leads to neglecting your retirement planning. We’re experts in helping business owners develop a plan for their financial future, allowing them greater freedom to enjoy what they value most.

Individuals over 50

As you start thinking about leaving work or moving to fewer hours, you’ll want to know if you can afford your new lifestyle. We’ll help provide the clarity you need and put in place a strategy to ensure you achieve your goals in this new chapter of your life.

Meet Shabbar

Having been in Financial Services since 2005, and with over 15 years experience in advising clients, I decided to set up Lumos Financial in late 2020. 

A Financial Planner and Equity Release specialist, I’m passionate about helping my clients to have absolute clarity and peace of mind when it comes to their financial future. I believe one of the best ways to achieve this is by being financially organised.

That’s why, I’d like to share a crucial document with you: one which I created and used just before my daughter was born during the pandemic of 2019.

Realising that I’d always taken the lead in overseeing the household finances, the thought of potentially leaving my family behind, without the necessary financial guidance, deeply troubled me. And so I put together this ‘When I’m gone guide’. A personalised financial snapshot of all the key information that a family would require in the event of the unexpected. 

Get your complimentary copy now. It’s my gift to you!

What do you want to accomplish or attain so you will feel that you’ve had a life well-lived
What would ‘financial freedom’ mean for you?
If you had more time or money, what would you do?

What our clients say

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What our profession says

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