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Senior Professionals

Meet Brian and Pat

Brian and Pat are in their early 50s and have two grown-up children that are looking to excel in sport and music through further education.

Brian has always been employed in senior management at various multi-national companies, whilst Pat has been working in education on a part-time basis since the children were born. Whilst they have always been meticulous in managing their financial affairs, the sheer number of investments and pensions they have amassed over the years has caused them some administrative concern, along with wondering how these will fit together to help them in their

They wanted to know

  • Could Brian comfortably stop working as corporate life was becoming stressful and not that enjoyable?
  • Where were their pensions and investments invested? And what income could they draw from them in the future?
  • Could they afford to send their son to University in America so he could fulfil his dream of playing golf professionally?
  • Could they pay for their daughter to complete a Masters in Art?
  • How much traveling could they afford to do whilst they were fit and healthy?

What we did

We worked with Brian and Pat to understand their goals and help prioritise them.

By analysing their situation and using financial forecasting software, we were able to give them a clear picture of their current financial situation and what they could afford to do in the future. 

We also highlighted that Brian needed to only work for a further two years and they would still comfortably meet their goal of paying for the children’s further education costs. 

Reviewing their investments and pensions highlighted opportunities to simplify these arrangements, consolidating them where appropriate to make them far easier to track and manage. The overall cost of their portfolio was also reduced as a result

The end result

Brian and Pat are now at ease with their financial future and feel they have a better understanding of the financial products they own.

They have the knowledge and satisfaction that they can help their children whilst still having a fabulous lifestyle themselves, being able to travel and see the world without the fear of running out of money.