Financial Advice

Financial Advice

What you need to know

As Independent Financial Advisers based in Hemel Hempstead, our priority is to help families with their retirement planning and investment decisions. We know that this can often be difficult due to the sheer number of plans and the complexity with many products. Helping you gain clarity over this is our main objective.

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Our Services

Typically this will involve reviewing existing pensions and investments and ensuring they are suitable moving forward and helping your money work as hard as possible. Inevitably there could be things getting in the way of this and we’re on hand to point these out and offer an alternative investment solution if necessary.

Pension Review

Our pension review will provide you with the clarity around what’s happening with your current pension plans. We speak to your pension provider on your behalf to take away the hassle of gathering all the necessary information. We’ll then be able to tell you:

  • What funds are they invested 
  • What level of risk are you taking with this money
  • What are the charges
  • How have they performed
  • How flexibly can you access your funds when needed
  • What income options do you have available
  • Is your pension on track to help you meet your future lifestyle

We’ve helped hundreds of families take care of their pensions and remove the hassle and complexity associated with having several different pots.

We’ll always explain what’s happening in plain English – no jargon!

If we feel you’d be better served by making changes to your existing setup we may recommend an alternative portfolio and consolidating your existing arrangements. As we’re totally independent we’re never influenced into making changes for the sake of earning a fee, so you can be assured that the advice you receive is impartial and in your best interest at all times.

Investment Review

Are your investments working hard for you?

Too often we find that our clients have been holding onto investments that are far too costly and have underperformed the average returns that could have been obtained.

Investing should be a means by which you achieve the goals and lifestyle you’ve highlighted for your family. To ensure you’re on track and making your investment work hard for you is part of the work of a disciplined investor.

As independent investment advisors we can review your investments during our implementation stage of our financial planning process and help you understand:

Costs and charges


Tax efficiency

If you’re not on track, we can advise you on the right portfolios based on our investment philosophy which is backed by academic research. We’ll also help you stay on track through our ongoing client care and forward planning, to ensure you remain on course to meet your goals.