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for a brighter future.

At Lumos Financial, we’re dedicated to making sure business owners and senior professionals have the money they need to live the lifestyle they desire now, into the future, and throughout retirement.

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What we do

We’re independent financial advisers, but we do so much more than advise on financial products. As financial planners, we’re here to discover how you’d like your life to look now, and in the future. To understand your dreams, and your concerns. And to work with you to light a clear path towards your ideal lifestyle, supporting you at every step of the journey as your long term trusted advisers.

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Why choose Lumos Financial?

Long Term Trusted Advisers

By your side, safeguarding your best interests on an ongoing basis.

Simplified Advice

Speaking your language, without a hint of technical jargon.

5-Star Rated

Consistently top-rated for advice, service and value on VouchedFor & Google.

Who we help

We work mainly with business owners and senior professionals, but with anyone who has a desire for financial freedom in retirement.

Perhaps you’re thinking about how long your pension pot and savings will last when you retire. Maybe you’re keen to discover whether you’ll be able to live the life you’ve always dreamt of once it’s time to slow down or stop working. It could be you want to find out when you can retire. Better understand your pensions and investments, or explore ways to make your money work harder for you, and protect your family.

Whether you’re based nearby in North West London or Hertfordshire, or further afield, Lumos Financial is here to answer all your questions. Meet with us in-person or virtually, and let’s see how we can shine a light on your future lifestyle dreams.

Business Owners

We appreciate that trying to juggle the personal and business side of wealth can be challenging and often leads to neglecting your retirement planning. We’re experts in helping business owners develop a plan for their financial future, allowing them greater freedom to enjoy what they value most.

Senior Professionals

As you start thinking about leaving work, or moving to fewer hours, you’ll want to know if you can comfortably afford your new lifestyle. We’ll help provide the clarity you need, and put a strategy in place to ensure you achieve your goals as this new chapter of your life begins to unfold.

Meet Shabbar

Having been in Financial Services since 2005, and with over 15 years experience in advising clients, I decided to set up Lumos Financial in late 2020. 

A Financial Planner and Equity Release specialist, I’m passionate about helping my clients to have absolute clarity and peace of mind when it comes to their financial future. I believe one of the best ways to achieve this is by being financially organised.

That’s why, I’d like to share a crucial document with you: one which I created and used just before my daughter was born during the pandemic of 2019.

Realising that I’d always taken the lead in overseeing the household finances, the thought of potentially leaving my family behind, without the necessary financial guidance, deeply troubled me. And so I put together this ‘When I’m gone guide’. A personalised financial snapshot of all the key information that a family would require in the event of the unexpected. 

Get your complimentary copy now. It’s my gift to you!

What do you want to accomplish or attain so you will feel that you’ve had a life well-lived
What would ‘financial freedom’ mean for you?
If you had more time or money, what would you do?

What our clients say

Reviews and Ratings for Financial adviser Shabbar Kassam, Hemel-Hempstead

Please take the time to visit our profile and read our reviews on VouchedFor.

Financial Times Top Rated

It can be easy to get clients to leave glowing testimonials about the service they have received. These can be cherry picked to reflect the best side of an adviser. But how about when those who write in the financial press comment on the professionalism, knowledge and competence of an adviser?

Read an article in leading Financial Times publication FTAdviser, which tells the story of when a mystery shopper contacted Shabbar…

Success Stories

Everyone we help at Lumos Financial has different goals and ambitions, which is why every financial plan we create is tailor-made. Our client success stories demonstrate our long-held, genuine desire to make a difference to people’s futures.

Steve & Jasmin
Business Owners

How we helped two business owners discover how their business could help them achieve financial independence, find a way to purchase their commercial premises, and put plans in place to protect their young family.

Brian & Pat
Senior Professionals

How we helped a professional couple to simplify their investments, and provided reassurance that their ambitions to financially assist their children and live an enjoyable retirement were on track.


Financial planning is all about getting to know your situation as it is now and discovering your future ambitions, then working out what your ideal lifestyle would cost.

Financial planning entails exploring your assets and income, and ascertaining whether it’s possible to achieve what you want, with what you currently have. If it is, then we can create a plan to keep you on track, allowing for any bumps along the way that might threaten to derail your plans. If it isn’t, then we’ll come up with a solution to get you to where you want to be.

Financial advice is more to do with pairing you with the right products to support your journey towards your financial and lifestyle goals. It calls for expertise and knowledge to ensure the right products are selected in line with your attitude to risk, that they will deliver the desired results, and that they are the most tax efficient choices.

Yes, we are regulated to provide pension and investment advice. We help many clients by reviewing their current pension situation, providing clarity on what it is likely to deliver, and whether it will be sufficient to meet particular lifestyle ambitions in retirement.

We can also provide advice on consolidating pensions, and on helping you get on track with your pension so that it has the best chance of meeting your future goals.

Independent financial advice is essential if you want to be sure that you are receiving impartial guidance and product recommendations from the whole of the market.

Independent financial advisers work independently for their clients, rather than representing a single insurer or product provider, or only having access to a limited panel of providers.

Taking independent advice really is the only way to be sure you are receiving recommendations that are in your best interests.

Yes, you are welcome to book a free Discovery Call by telephone or video call so that we can get to know each other and make sure we have the expertise to help you. The call is free of charge, and carries no obligation.

We are qualified and regulated to offer a full range of services, including independent financial advice, financial planning, retirement planning, pension advice, equity release advice, investment advice and management, estate planning, and wealth management.