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Planning for retirement can be a daunting task, often filled with many questions. It may be that you’re not sure what retirement will actually mean for you, and if you’re actually ready to stop work. We believe that retirement is a transition, usually when an individual reaches financial independence. A point in life where they choose to go to work rather than needing to go to work.

Some of the questions that you might have on your retirement journey are:

What lifestyle do I want when I retire and how much will this cost?

How much should I be saving for my retirement?

When can I afford to stop working, slow down, or perhaps work part-time?

What income can I expect from my various pension plans?

We can help answer these questions in the following ways:

Identify what's important to you

We’ll help you to identify the most important goals in your personal life so that you can afford your ideal lifestyle in retirement.

Financial Snapshot

We’ll show you where you are currently and where you are headed, so you know how far from achieving your goals you actually are.

Financial Planning

Using our financial forecasting software, we will build several ‘what if’ scenarios for you to visualise the various options that lie ahead. These will form the basis of any recommendations we make to you.

Tax efficiency

We’ll show you the best way to take advantage of the different tax allowances available. Making sure that you keep more of what you make, and pass on more of your wealth to future generations.

Looking ahead

We’ll partner with you for the long road ahead, offering our support and counsel to ensure you always remain on track.