Investment Philosophy

It’s important for us to understand your objectives and to implement an investment strategy that will help you achieve them. Our Investment Philosophy means we’re able to help you keep your emotions under control, and focus on the important things over the long-term, even during times of any market uncertainty,

Before we invest a single penny of your money, we create a financial plan that we agree on together. Any portfolio or investment programme is focused on funding medium and long-term goals and aspirations. If you don’t know where you’re headed and over what terrain, how do you know which vehicle to jump into and what path to take?

It’s straight forward – no plan, no portfolio!

“If you don’t believe in something you will fall for anything.”

Eric Davis

Three guiding principles

Our approach to investing your money is based firmly on three Guiding Principles, which we believe offer the best opportunity for you to achieve your financial goals.


Belief in the future

Without a basic belief that the future will be bright, what’s the point? We have long-term optimism ingrained in our DNA that although we don’t have a crystal ball, we know that markets will continue to deliver longer-term value as they have always done.



We’re patient with money. Once we’ve agreed a course of action, we have the confidence to continue to hold our course, regardless of market “noise.” New funds and themes come and go, which is why we take a long-term view of markets. If the objectives in your financial plan do not change then neither should your portfolio. Staying on the right path is the approach we take.



We keep doing the right things regardless. We have a style of investment management that we always stick to because it’s always worked in the past. Emotion, knee jerk reactions and press noise do not sway us from the course agreed with our clients.

Key portfolio practices

Whilst  we believe, patience and discipline must form the basis of our Investment Philosophy, asset allocation, diversification and rebalancing are also key to our portfolio practices:


Asset Allocation

Asset allocation means how much of your portfolio is held in shares, bonds, property and cash. Research has shown it to be the most important factor in managing money, which is why we pay great attention to the initial structure of your portfolio and consider how to maintain this shape once your money is invested.



Diversification reduces risk by not holding all your eggs in one basket. Our portfolios are diversified sufficiently that although you may not make a killing in any one of the funds, you’ll not be wiped out entirely should one of the funds fail.



The underlying assets within a portfolio have a tendency to perform differently over time resulting in “portfolio drift”. A Cautious portfolio can become Balanced or a Balanced portfolio can become Adventurous, for example. We rebalance any investment solutions, we recommend, at least annually, to make sure they stay in touch with your Financial Plan.


The value of investments may go down as well as up and you may get back less than you invest.

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance.