Our Core Values

The basis for any successful relationship is trust and mutual respect. At Lumos Financial we understand that trust has to be earned and can never be forced. We develop long-term client relationships and light up the path towards achieving financial freedom. 

We do this by demonstrating our three core values:



Our genuine desire is to help you achieve your goals, dreams and aspirations. And to help you build, preserve and protect your wealth in support of these.


Our business is firmly founded on the golden rule that, ‘we will tell the unvarnished truth about everything all the time’, just as we would want someone to do the same for us and our family if the roles were reversed. If we don’t know the answer to something, we’ll openly admit this and ensure we find the answer.


We’ll always listen attentively to everything you have to say so that we gain a full understanding of your fears and misconceptions. There’s a reason we were given one mouth and two ears.

What we will do

Lifestyle Financial Planning

Unlike traditional financial advice, which tends to focus on products, Lifestyle Financial Planning is a process focused around achieving your goals, dreams and aspirations. We’ll help you attain these through the building of a financial plan which is fuelled by sound investment management.

Provide independent advice

Because we’re truly independent, we propose the best financial solutions for your situation. We’re not tied to any product provider or organisation so we always have your best interests at heart.

Simplify the complex

Financial services can be notorious for using excessive jargon and over complicating matters. We see our role as taking away the complexity and making sure you understand things in the simplest manner and in plain English

Our role is to help you extract the maximum amount of happiness from the money you have. We believe that you are our client, not your money.

What we won't do

Make predictions

We believe this is best left to the weathermen. We don’t know the direction of the economy in the short-term but we can guide you along a path of long-term wealth creation.

Pick the next winner

We don’t try and time the markets. Guessing what’s ahead is not an investment strategy, it’s a waste of time and is impossible to achieve successfully. That’s why we’ll never try to pick the next hot fund or sector.

Manage your investments without
a clear financial plan

A financial plan maps out your entire financial situation, both now and in the future. It’s like a path giving direction and shedding light where you need to make informed financial decisions. That way you can measure whether you’re staying on track to achieve your goals. We feel It would be irresponsible not to put such a plan in place for you.

Let you give into fear or greed

It’s easy to be swayed by your emotions where investments are concerned. It could be turning to panic selling when markets inevitably experience a temporary downturn. Or, starting to chase ‘what’s working now’ or ‘what your best friend did.’ Our mantra is very much, ‘Time in the market, not timing the market.’

A message from Shabbar

Dear Visitor,

Welcome to Lumos Financial. I hope that this site has given you a clear idea of the values and ethos upon which the business has been founded. 

The name Lumos originates from the “Harry Potter” series, where a wave of Harry’s wand and the chant of “Lumos” lights up a dark place. Living with 3 children besotted by the books and movies, and being a 10 minute walk from the Warner Brother studios in Leavesden, it seemed appropriate that there would be a connection with the world of wizardry. On a deeper level, I believe that the work we do with our clients lights up their path towards financial freedom, giving clarity to the world of money and finance that is often riddled with complexity and uncertainty.

Having been an adviser to clients for over a decade, my sole aim is to treat the families that I advise in the same manner that I do my own. Throughout the time that we work together, you will not find an adviser who will care more about you and your family, nor one who will be more deeply committed to assisting you in achieving your most desired goals.

When dealing with your hard-earned life savings, be assured that I’ll be treating your capital as carefully as I do my own, because I realise that this money represents far more than numbers on a statement. It contains the hopes and dreams for you and your family.

My promise to you, at all times, is to tell you the unvarnished truth, even though at certain times you may not wish to hear it. This is only born out of my intense desire to see you succeed in realising your goals and dreams. In addition, and more importantly, I’ll never tell you I can do something that I can’t, nor will I tell you that I’m going to do something, and then not do it.

I believe that by working together with mutual trust and respect at the core of our relationship, the probabilities of success are greatly stacked in our favour. The aim is that with a robust plan in place, you’ll never have to worry about money again.

It would be a privilege to be your family’s adviser and I’d love the opportunity to help you realise  your dreams.