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Business Owners

Meet Steve and Jasmin

Steve and Jasmin ran a small business for over ten years that had seen a healthy increase in activity and profit recently. Having never experienced this level of profit, they were unsure what the best course of action was. 

They had also never given much concern to the future but were starting to think about how the business would benefit them financially once they were too old to work in it.

They were also concerned about what might happen to their young family in the event of a disaster causing early death or illness to either of them, especially since the business relied heavily on Steve to function.

They wanted to know

  • How could they best protect their family if the worst happened or they became sick?
  • How could they use the profits within their business to improve their financial future?
  • What would be the best way to purchase their warehouse from where they operated from?
  • Could they sell the business in the in ten years’ time and retire comfortably on the proceeds

What we did

After spending the necessary time to get to know both Steve and Jasmin we used our Financial Planning process to help answer their important questions.

We set up the right policies, paid via the business for tax efficiency, to ensure that the family would be left financially secure if either of them died or suffered from an accident or sickness.

We helped establish the most tax efficient way of drawing profits from the business that would allow them the opportunity to purchase their commercial premises in the following year. We also helped them to understand the benefits of using pensions to plan for their financial future.

Finally, we calculated a projected future value they would need to achieve when selling their business to ensure that they could live a comfortable retirement, without the fear of running out of money.

The end result

Steve and Jasmin now have clear direction over their financial future and how their business plays a massive role in helping them achieve financial independence.

They know that they’ve put the right plans in place to protect their family. We’ve also been introduced to work alongside their accountant  to help ensure Steve and Jasmin are always acting in a way that is beneficial for their long term wealth creation.